Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't Call Pit Beef Barbecue

pit beef sandwich
This photo courtesy of George's blog "tasty good times", where he visited Chap's pit beef in 2008.

Pit beef is not barbecue. I want to scream that from the rooftops and of course I see it mislabled and misinterpreted again and again. I should point out this time how upset I was to read it on the "E how Foods" website entitled "How to Make Pit Beef" by Maria Schinto. I should say the author did manage to duplicate a dry seasoning recipe and horseradish recipe perfectly (with no apparent citing---to me it looks as if it has an uncanny resemblance to a NY Times article by Steven Raichlein) she refers to it as Barbecue. I don't consider it a type of barbeque but maybe because so many people have given it that name that is why she is referring to it. Then again, her warning says not to eat too much pit beef or you will get a tummy ache. That's pretty inaccurate, you will never get sick of this grub.

It's beef. On the pit.  Pit + beef = pit beef. Period. Why is that so hard for people to understand? The key here is that  I'm from Balmer, Hon and I know all about pit beef.  Basically we Balti-morons like to set wood afire and burn the hell out of meat that has been marinated in dry rub seasonings, slice it thin and top it with horsey sauce blends, thinly sliced onions and any other way we see fit.

Not you get those people that try to do their own pit beef, and they grill it too fast or on too high a temperature and it dries out and it's ruined. Real pit beef should be moist and melt in your mouth but cooked thoroughly!  Now I've also seen where some morons will have the outside edges burnt to hell and the inside a mooing mess. I'm all for rare but watch as you may get the shits.  Then you have the cheaters that think by slicing their dried out rock o'meat paper thin that you won't notice how it tastes like cardboard.

You must practice and you must know your meat.  The pages of this site will talk about beef, and only pit beef, which again, as we have established, is not bbq!

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