Friday, April 29, 2011

Pork in the Park Big Fat Daddy's Pit Beef

Bigfatdaddys pit beef
Right below the Big Fat Daddy's Texas Beef sign is the regular pit beef sign.

I had to drive all the way from Baltimore just to go to the Salisbury Pork in the Park which is a Kansas City BBQ festival to savor some of Big Fat Daddy's famous Pit Beef.  I have to say it was worth the drive.  Ironically I think the owner is somehow trying to dissociate himself from Balmer, Hon, because his sign called it Texas Pit Beef (with all the fixin's.) 

I stopped to ask presumably his wife (a chunky but saucy blonde) why it didn't say "Baltimore's Best Pit Beef."  She winked and replied, "Honestly, he's up and down the East Coast and only in Baltimore do they really know what pit beef is.  We do serve it as Baltimore pit beef which comes plain, or you can get it Texas style pit beef which is actual lathered up in hickory bbq sauce." 
Big Fat Daddys bull
Hey BFD, if you guys read this and  contact me I'll send you this photo!

Oh, so there went the dilemma. So I had to decide did I want to go with what I knew to be true or try this new improved Texas style.  I immediately voted against the Texas Style because my whole point is that pit beef is not bbq so decision made.  The bigger problem now was they have upgraded from a kaiser roll to 6" sub roll so I wanted to make sure I could eat the whole thing.  I stuck with what I knew, and did the regular pit beef, put my horsey on top. Instead of raw onions I opted for some fried (thinly sliced), and oh how good it was.  After a few brewski's I returned to try the Texas Beef. Darn if it's wasn't just as good but an altogether different taste .  It's not wonder Big Fat Daddy's has a following from fair to fair.  I am sad to report I could try the Texas CheeseSteak because I was stuffed. 

By the way they are starting to blog now.